Pursue great untapped potential with us, in users and the market

After considered and thorough research exploration and testing, we've found very encouraging results in our users and study participants. At this point, we have come out of a 'stealth' mode of operating and we are courting both research partners and institutional investors. If that describes you, please reach out to relations@schenker.design so we can open a dialogue, and better understand how we can collaborate in making smartphone users healthier and happier.
Our platform is a general solution to adverse influence of smartphones on a user's behavioral patterns. However, through research and working with users we have identified clear avenues in which our underlying capabilities can be applied to a number of markets uniquely: early childhood and teen behavioral development, treatment of general chronic mental health issues, enterprise employee health solutions, and personal performance optimization tools. With your interest and support, we can move into more markets, at greater speed. Join us.