Increase in Suicide

Classified as a major public health issue by the Amercan Public Health Association, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US. Since 2010, Americans ages 15-34 have exhibited the most alarming increase in suicide at 22%, however suicide across all age groups continues increasing.


of children and young adults today exhibit symptoms of Problematic Smartphone Use, characterized by behavioral addictions.


of Americans are aware and concerned about Smartphone mental health impacts on themselves and others.



Market Size

10% YoY growth exhibited in the $77 billion US Behavioral Health Market, and 20% YoY growth exhibited in $33 billion of US Mobile App spending shows a picture of growing and significant need. A need that aligns with the indicators from the American Public Health Association.


Americans use a Smartphone, making up 90% of the country’s population.

4 hours

is the average amount of time an American Smartphone owner uses their device daily. Research shows that negative health outcomes are exhibited more greatly as we exceed 2 hours of daily use.


We are the first - and only - company taking this approach.

Our solution is designed from the ground up, focussing on the user from a psychological, behavioral, and neurological perspective. From that foundation, we’ve created a smartphone platform which enables the healthiest behavioral outcomes.
It not only addresses existing smartphone interface patterns that have the potential to create behavioral addictions - it is flexible enough that it can address any patterns that emerge in the future.
It is a total solution to the market’s need for a smartphone without adverse effects on mental health. All the while delivering complete parity to what consumers currently enjoy and prefer.
This isn’t reinventing the wheel - its an expansion and refinement of all the positive impacts that smartphones already provide, without the compromise.

Other approaches don’t work. From a scientific perspective, they can’t.

Limiting screen time, or trying to train yourself to adapt to your smartphone, are not strategies that can remain effective over time.
When was the last time a problem gambler achieved a healthy balance by only limiting themselves to “just a few hands of poker”? All of the problems users encounter with technology are not due to a fault in themselves, but a fault in their environment.
All other companies’ approaches aim to fix the fault in the user, without having to address the difficult problem of fixing environment aimed at manipulating their psychology.
We correctly understand, from a behavioral and neuroscientific basis, that there is no fault in the user. That the only fault is the technology’s suitability for the user - and that's where our solution is derived. And why our solution is the only one of its kind.


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We’re happy that you value your mental health, and that you appreciate your device’s influence. We want to do all we can to help.
We are progressively testing and releasing improvements to a closed but expanding audience. If you’d like to join a trial and use the platform for personal use, please email below and we’ll keep you in the loop concerning next steps and what to expect.

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Our team is currently private due to the sensitive nature of this product. However, we are grateful to have the support of Carnegie Mellon University, the support of select members of faculty who help to make this product possible, and the support of parties and the core team across the US.

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