Our philosophy

The major tech powers of the past 20 years have been through the finding and accessibility of information, and now that we have it, the next tech powers will be based on the use of information, and perfecting information utilization at the individual level.
We understand that the technological winners of the next 10+ years won’t be companies that focus on their short term bottom line based solely on product usage. The winners will be the ones that focus on technology that creates the healthiest users, which will produce the healthiest bottom line over longer time horizons.
Technology design today focuses on just individual products, and how to increase user engagement with the product. But the best solutions shouldn’t have the same business model as narcotics. Technology design will evolve to focus on the symbiotic system between the user and their devices, understanding the holistic user environment and it’s impact on health.
For a smartphone to be healthy, it also doesn’t have to be based on a puritanical, prohibitive, or reductionist philosophy. It only has to be balanced - and balance can only be defined by the individual user. So then, the best system is one that best enables the user in understanding and feeling out what balance they need, and facilitating them so that they may shape their environment as to best achieve that balance.


We have a whitepaper available to appropriate audiences, as well as a book. The book explores our state today, and the implications of changing evironmental design dynamics of technology from a behavioral, historical, economic, production, and industry perspective.
Feel free to request any of these materials by engaging with relations@schenker.design